Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cute mothers day blocks....

Yes I know mothers day is still awhile away - but when have you known me to wait or be patient!! Not going to happen :) So this is one project that I wanted to try and I have another idea with some blocks and pictures modge podged on them for another mothers day present I want to make- can't wait to try it!!
These were really fun and you could make one for any season or reason :) If you are interested in them email me @thefaverofour@gmail.com- my computer is having a hard time with etsy- I have had several people not be able to get it to work so they had to email me instead.. so just to be safe just email me!!!
They are 2X6 boards with knobs on top - the one is stained and the other is painted- these ones I am giving away as gifts so if you want one with your choice of colors let me know!!

And I had to throw these in there too.. I can't remember where I found them :( sorry whoever thought this cute idea up= please let me know if it looks familiar!!
I just used some spare wood pieces I had .. I think it is a little different then the blocks I usually make so I love it!!!