Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our teacher gifts

I thought it would be fun to give my son's teachers something they could use this summer to relax and enjoy themselves- they so deserve it!! They have seriously been amazing and have helped make such a transformation in my son!! I knew I had to do something special for them.. I have a really good friend that has a daughter in the same class and she and I got together and came up with this idea. We found the little beach chair, towel and margarita glass at Walmart. We threw in a gift certificate to Discovery Gateway ( children's museum) and a gift card to Texas Roadhouse( yummy steak place) and a little tag that says" You deserve to kick back and relax this summer!!"
I am so excited to give these out!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our family canvas....

When I saw this ADORABLE idea from Tiffany over at Making the World Cuter I about died. I knew I had to have one.. like immediately!!!
Here is how it turned out...

I am in LOVE!! I drew the stick figures.. I used a lot of help from google images. Then I scanned it into my computer and played around with it in photoshop. I am thinking these would be the cutest gifts... who wouldn't love one? !!
I sent it to Canvas People and was so stoked to get it in the mail today :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yummy Yellow

I am having a love affair with yellow!! I don't care what anyone says.. I LOVE IT!! Ok i lie.. I totally care what you guys think.. so tell me you like it :)

It looks like it was made to be best friends with my yellow pillow!! I think it fits in nicely with the colors in the room!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

My photo gallery shelves...

I am in LOVE with my new gallery shelves.. I want to marry them!! They cost me a whole $5.00 to make and that makes me giddy!! I found the plans here
Most of my frames are from the dollar store.. I had to do a lot of spray painting but it was totally worth it!!

I love this subway art from eighteen 25 so I had it printed off at Costco and put it smack dab in the center of the whole mess!!

I had to show you a picture of some of my most favorite people .. and the reason why I want to display all my fun photos!! I may be a little bias .. but those are some seriously cute kids :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Boys room wall art....

I am so stoked about how these turned out!! I am so glad to be finished with this wall art. I tried so many different ideas and just could not get down with the way it looked. I was at a dead end until I thought up these guys! These were surprisingly easy to make..

I used some spare plywood and cut it into 12X12 pieces... I wanted it to look like a canvas with the wider sides.. so I cut some 1X2's and nailed them to the plywood. I just googled die cut stickers and found some cool motorcycle and four wheeler images. I cut them out with my cricut and used that as a stencil.Then sanded it down a little - which is a nice way to hide all the mistakes I made when painting- trust me there are ALOT!! In fact.. as I am looking over these pictures I am noticing that I left a little green paint on the side of one of these boxes... not even sure how it got there!! You might be surprised where I find paint after I finish some of these projects!!!

TADA!! I am in LOVE :) I had enough left over to make one more that is a little bit bigger in size- I have a cool idea for mothers day .. hopefully I will finish it before the day comes and goes!! I am doing great at starting projects but not so good on the follow through and finish part!!