Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our finished knock of wood pieces.... I am so addicted!!

UPDATE: Ana at knockofwood posted pictures of our finished projects on her site, I am so excited!! so go check them out!!

I am having a blast with my husband and our new furniture building addiction. It is so cool to see something that you would love to have in your home and then make it - but for so much cheaper - of course!!
I have found myself checking out furniture I see at the stores and trying to figure out how it is made. I have so many ideas and projects - it is getting to be a little bit overwhelming!! I guess we better get to work huh?!

I wanted to share some of the projects we have found from Ana's blog Knock Off Wood- I am warning you now - you will be hooked!!
This is our favorite and most complicated project so far... but I love love love the way it turned out. It has so much storage!!! I would have never dreamed of having white furniture for my son's room but I love how clean it looks(now if it will stay that way is a whole other story)This piece is called the Thomas Media Wall Hutch in Ana's plans.

This is the Cameron Cubby Wall Unit - but we altered it to make a nightstand with storage. This one was super easy!!

I love these - they work so great for organizing books. This was by far the easiest piece to make - great first time project!!! My kids love these and I have noticed them reading more because there books are so much easier to get to !!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another great idea from Knock off wood....

I have wanted a nice piece of furniture for my son's room for a long time - but refused to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Then came this amazing site - I am obsessed with Knock off wood. This is the 3rd project I have completed from her plans (SO FAR). We made a set of bookshelves, and entry table (earlier post) and this TV hutch. It cost us about 100.00 in supplies and 2 hours of work. So worth it... I am in love with it. I can't wait to paint it and decorate it. I know that making your own furniture can seem so intimidating , I was terrified at the thought of spending so much money and then totally goofing it up, But it is so rewarding when you finish a piece and I know I will smile every time I see these things in my home because I had a hand in making them beautiful. I would encourage anyone to try one of her plans - she has a lot of easy furniture you can start with.

I am taking my time on this project because this will probably be the last one we build for awhile - we have to save every penny. We are trying to find a home closer to my family - so everything else has to be put on hold!! But I am so excited!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

help me....

I am considering moving both my children into one room and turning the other bedroom into a play room. My only major hang up is that I have NO idea how to mesh a room for both a boy and a girl? My little girls room is so pink and frilly and my son's room is blue and black and motorcycle themed- do you see my dilemma?! How do I decorate one space that can serve both a girl and a boy and not have it look like color chaos. If any of you have attempted this and have any good ideas or pictures that I may be able to get some ideas from I would much appreciate it ... I am completely lost here. Thanks for your help:)