Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some more xmas decor...

I love these little shelves.. they are so fun to decorate. Nothing to fancy.. just added some little deer and a little jar filled with mini ornaments.

I filled our candy machine with extra ornaments. My kids are not very fond of this idea!!

and our christmas village ... a lot of the pieces have been broken or lost so it is looking a little sad. Between the 3 year old who thinks this is fun to play with and the cat who likes to play in the snow - its doesn't stand a chance. Almost every single little person in this village is missing an appendige.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My christmas mantle...

I am in LOVE with my mantel right now!! I have had so much fun creating it!!
I made the wreath and glitter trees. The santa blocks were a gift from my mom last year. The candle sticks were picked up at the D.I over several trips.

This project was on my list since LAST year.. I ran out of time, space and energy so I saved it for a must do this year!!! The cute glitter tree was inspired by eighteen25
The white tree was made using some white fabric. I used the same method as I did with the wreath below. It was really easy .. just some fabric and pins.

I found this candy cane wreath here . I knew I had to make this the moment I saw it!! I will tell you a secret.. your fingers will hurt pretty bad after you make one of these. It is so worth it though...

So there it is!! I hope you like it as much as I do!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Subway art and bead board...

I have made some pretty awesome things this week that I can't wait to show you... but until then I pulled this out and realized I never showed it to you guys!!
I created this subway art with a scrap piece of bead board, some plexi glass, scrap book paper and vinyl.
The plexi glass came pre cut - its 8X10. I cut the scrap book paper to the same size and used a drill to make little holes in the corners of both the plexi glass and the bead board. Then I used plexi glass screw to attach the two together. Then cut some vinyl and transferred it on to the plexi glass.
It is one of my favorite christmas crafts.. I am thinking about making a few more for christmas gifts this year!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Silly Turkey

I am refusing to pass up Thanksgiving this year. In years past I have gone straight from Halloween to Christmas- but this year I am holding out!!

I have no idea where I got this idea from!! I had a few images saved of some cute wood turkeys and I just kind of mashed them all together and created this super silly turkey.
I cut all the pieces with my jigsaw.. and painted him with left over craft paint I had. He looks really cute on my front door!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My DIY funky frame...

I found this awesome tutorial from Not Just a Housewife and have wanted to try it out ever since. It was so fun to make.. and I am sure there will be many more to come. These would even make the best Christmas gifts ever... if only I had the time !!

I put it in our TINY entry way.. with some cute scrap book paper and the word family I think it fits in perfectly for thanksgiving!!

Looks good next to Mr.Turkey, my latest D.I find...

Go check out her tutorial and make your own :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And were moving on...

from halloween that is!!
We are already listening to Christmas music.. is that twisted? Yes maybe.. but we will do it anyways:) I can't give in to the urge to decorate for Christmas yet- so until I cant stand it anymore here is our Fall/Thanksgiving mantel!!

I made the harvest blocks and wood pumpkins last year. The little glass jar is filled with acorns and all the candle sticks came from the D.I or thrift stores.

I threw together this little leaf banner while waiting for my daughter to wake up from her nap.. not sure how much I like it? What do you think? Maybe I will post a tutorial - or maybe that would be pointless since it was seriously a 5 minute project.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I love these frames and I am super excited about this giveaway at I heart Nap time. Go check it out!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Owl lamp makeover

I was not going to spend $10.00 on this lamp. I walked away from it several times but could not leave it there all alone and sad. My husband actually stepped in (probably because I looked pretty crazy hovering over this thing trying to decide if it was worth it, and freaking out anytime someone came near it ) he politely said "Listen you will be mad if you leave it here .. so just pick it up and pay for it already!!" So I did.. who am I to argue with the man!!
Here she is before-sad little orange eyes begging me to make her pretty ...

A can of grey spray paint later and here she is..

I snagged a lamp shade at Lowes for $5.00 . I am going to look for some white and yellow damask fabric to recover the lamp shade.

What do you think? Was it worth the $10.00? I have to admit I kinda love it !!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some master bedroom updates

I struggle with this room... I can't seem to get it right. I think I am finally headed in the right direction though...

I repainted the yellow cedar chest that I posted about here.. do you want to know the sad part... ok I am going to tell you. It started out white - I should have just left it alone. But what fun would that be ? I repainted the headboard also.. it used to be black. I got the sunburst mirror from family dollar for $10.00. It was gold but nothing some silver spray paint wont fix.

I also remade this pillow cover - original here

My husband and I built these cute little night stand.. maybe someday we will get to building the other one. I am also debating painting this white.. is that too much white?

I got this dresser from the D.I for $15.00 - is was such a score. What a surprise I painted it white!! The frames above the dresser hold printables from Sprik Space and eighteen 25

Friday, September 30, 2011

We are getting our halloween on...

We held out as long as we could.. enough is enough!!! I don't have a mantel- I wish I did if that counts for anything :) But I love decorating on the shelf above our T.V. I tried to keep it pretty simple.. they only knew thing I bought this year was the pumpkin plate from Target and the crow from the dollar store...

Here is the other side of the room...

The spooky tree is my kids favorite ... they move the little spooky ornaments around a hundred times. Look how cute the books and little ghost are .. I got those from my swap partner a couple of weeks ago. I have told you before but I will tell you again just for fun - the swaps are a blast!! Go check out some over the other fun stuff people received here

The pumpkins I made last year.. and did you spy the cute happy halloween banner hanging in the back? Another cute swap gift... I am telling you people sometimes you get the coolest stuff!!

I wanted to add a little spooky to the photo shelves... so I took this little frame from Michaels and added some scrap book paper and a little spider ring!! Super easy...

Friday, September 16, 2011

H to the O

I have had this idea saved for a looooong time.. I found the image at odd girl out - she has seriously inspired me to try new colors and ideas in my home. I love her house and would ask to come move in if I thought my husband could take care of things here with out me :)
Here is hers....

And mine....

I found the letters at Michaels, I could not find numbers to fit so I used this little frame I also found in the $1 section of Michaels...
P.S do you spot the little bit of halloween in this picture - my son loves hiding these little grey rats everywhere to try and scare me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pallet Pumpkin...

I have SO many pallet boards laying around. We live by a big industrial warehouse and I see them almost every time I drive by just leaning up against the dumpsters. I can't just leave them there!!

This pallet pumpkin was super simple to create- I just cut the pallet board to length and used my jigsaw to make the rounded edges so it looked more like a pumpkin shape. I also used my jigsaw to cut the leaf out of a pallet board. After I painted it I thought it needed a little something so I stenciled the little "fall" on there and called it good!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Monogram wall...

Here is my little monogram/mini shelves wall..
I kinda adore it :)
I have been working on this space for-eve-r.. I know its small but I struggled with the layout!!

The wire and map letters are from urban outfitters.. I bought them online. They have the coolest stuff.. I have a wish list like a mile long from that place.

The little ornate F is from hobby lobby - gotta love 50% off. The little shelves came from the d.i - I started picking them up because I loved them but had no idea what I was going to do with them. This is one of those times that I was glad I bought on impulse instead of thinking it through - otherwise my wall would be so sad with out my mini shelf friends!!

So what do you think of my new wall?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Painting laminate furniture...

is a pain in the bum!! Seriously - like a HUGE pain in the bum!! I was so PUMPED after I saw this post- and I thought heck yes I can totally do that!! It was so much harder then I thought.. but it was worth it!! I think?
I painted it a week ago and so far its held up - but its only been a week!!
Here is a before - Like WAY before pic.. when Christmas threw up all over my house. Sorry I am super good at remembering to take before pictures.. I will work on that - pinky swear!!

What do you think?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bar stool make-overs

This is a project that I have wanted to start for a long time. Here are the bad boys before :

I spray painted them white and found this cute fabric from Joannes. I was really excited to find this print in tablecloth fabric. It is super easy to wipe off when the kids spill....

Here it is in live action... The cat totally approves :)

One more...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday trip to Ikea

This year for my birthday we took a girls trip to Ikea.. here are some of the fun things I scored there :

Ugh.. sorry about how dark these pictures are- my camera is sad and about to give out on me!!
Been dying for this zebra canvas for a long time.. my mom bought it for me!!

Love this cute little bowl.. had to have it!!

Cutest frame ever.. I took it home painted the glass with chalkboard paint and the frame with aqua paint. It's the perfect spot for little notes :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duct tape Ikea Dresser ....

We have had this dresser for a while in my daughters room. I have always been a little bugged by the drawers- you can see everything inside and I have a little one who likes to go through her clothes and throw them back in with out folding. I don't blame her- folding is the worst!!! I have wanted to use some fancy duct tape on something and this was the perfect place...

Ta- Da... so much better!! Love it!! This would be so cute on just about any piece of furniture you could find!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

You are my sunshine...

One of my most favorite friends came over and was trying to think of a cute gift for a friend.. This is the same type of sign as the ones I made here for my sons room ..
I just used some left over yellow paint from my dresser and added vinyl!!!