Friday, September 16, 2011

H to the O

I have had this idea saved for a looooong time.. I found the image at odd girl out - she has seriously inspired me to try new colors and ideas in my home. I love her house and would ask to come move in if I thought my husband could take care of things here with out me :)
Here is hers....

And mine....

I found the letters at Michaels, I could not find numbers to fit so I used this little frame I also found in the $1 section of Michaels...
P.S do you spot the little bit of halloween in this picture - my son loves hiding these little grey rats everywhere to try and scare me.


  1. That is soooooo cute! And hilarious about the surprise :D from your son!

  2. haha thats so funny:) BOYS:) i didnt even notice the cute little mouse, i was to in LOVE with this idea! Looks so good!:)