Sunday, February 20, 2011


My husband is awesome and bought me these cute LUCK letters for Valentines Day... so cute!! They inspired my St.Patricks Day mantel....

So here is a run down- just incase you are interested:) You might notice the jars - they used to be black, I have a problem leaving anything alone for to long - so I decided to repaint them white!! I Love them!!! Do you like my little 4-leaf clover topiary... I will post about those later!!! I made a little lucky sign for the wreath hanger and that was about it.. green is a popular color in my house so it was very easy and fun to mix everything in,,,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just for fun...

I decided to go for it this week and participate in Hoo Are You? from Night Owl Crafting

Here are the questions she choose this week?

1. What did you get/give for Valentine's Day?
I got the cutest st.pattys day craft from my husband ( he knows anything from quilted bear will make me happy) my kids gave me a yummy candle and a new soap dispenser- they did such a good job of listening to my hints:)
We gave the kids a small toy and some of there fav candies. We gave my mother and MIL some handmade body scrub and an assortment of there favorite candies. I was pretty laid back this year- I honestly put very little effort into any of the gifts we gave. Are you ready to think I am the worst wife ever.. yep guess what I gave my husband.. a big fat NOTHING!! I know I am so bad.. he only wants things you can buy online.. so I told him to go order a new part for his r.c car or something!!
2. Do you have a vacation planned in the next couple of months or in the summer?
The only vacation we go on every year is to Lake Powell- my husbands Uncle owns the marina so we take several boats out and hang out on the beach for a few days!! I am so excited for this year- the kids are a little bit older and I think they are going to have a BLAST!!!
3. What is one thing you do to pamper yourself?
I love to grab a glass of wine and run a nice, HOT bubble bath!!! My husband does a good job of keeping the kids out of the bathroom so I can relax!!!
4. What sparks your interest to other people's blogs?
I love creativity!! I love when I stumble across a new blog with all kinds of fun ideas!!
5. What kind of a mood are you in today?
Hopeful!! We have had a rough few weeks with my son.. he is struggling with the "keep your hands to yourself " rule at school- I am HOPING that we have drilled it into that little head of his enough that he will have an AWESOME day tomorrow :)

We have a winner....

The winner of the Easter giveaway is:

#17 -Samantha
Please enter me! Our family tradition when I was little was to always go eat lunch with my grandparents :)

Thankyou to all who entered.. I wish I could send every one of you something :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

All about LOVE.......

I am going to have a tough time parting with this one.. it is a wedding gift for a family member. It was so fun to think of cute LOVEY things to put on it!! Whoever invented subway art is my HERO!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Easter giveaway....

So most of you thought Spring would be the best idea for a giveaway.. well I had a ton of these eggs from the dollar store so I thought I would throw together an Easter giveaway..... so here it is:
a set of Easter blocks, stackers, mini egg topiary and nest frame:

I love creating traditions with my family.. hearing your ideas always inspires me - so to enter this giveaway just leave me a comment with a cute Easter tradition. Either one you celebrate with your families or one you think would be super cute to try...
ok that's it!!!
The giveaway will end on February 15th.

Friday, February 4, 2011


So I just realized tonight that I hit 200 followers.. you know what that means....GIVEAWAY!!!!
YES!! I love giveaways... so I will come up with something soon!! Should I come up with something for St.Patricks day ... or should I just skip to Spring? Let me know what you think?? By the way.. I love you all :)