Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some more xmas decor...

I love these little shelves.. they are so fun to decorate. Nothing to fancy.. just added some little deer and a little jar filled with mini ornaments.

I filled our candy machine with extra ornaments. My kids are not very fond of this idea!!

and our christmas village ... a lot of the pieces have been broken or lost so it is looking a little sad. Between the 3 year old who thinks this is fun to play with and the cat who likes to play in the snow - its doesn't stand a chance. Almost every single little person in this village is missing an appendige.


  1. LOL its so funny that you say that about your poor village becasue mine is JUST the same!:)
    I love your candy machine, it looks so good with the ornaments in it:)

  2. I absolutely love your candy machine...it is the cutest thing ever!