Friday, January 6, 2012

A little early...

...yes maybe!! Valentines day is my FAVORITE.. I love pink and I LOVE hearts!!
I put all the Christmas stuff away - and brought up the V day stuff ..ya know just to check it out and see what I had. Totally no intention of decorating yet (do you believe me ?) - but I got way to excited and just went for it .
I had everything here except the Heart Wreath - I bought that in the dollar spot at Target for $2.50. The little lanterns were bought last year from the dollar store and I just filled the little jars with plastic hearts also from the dollar store.

I changed out some of the prints in the frames - the subway art is from eighteen 25.
The frame with the hearts in it is from Ikea... just added a little scrap book paper and used some glue dots to adhere the foam hearts - those where also from Target last year.

I added a few little heart sticks to our fake plant and these cute little blocks that I got from my swap partner last year.

The glittery Be Mine is from Target.. and I made the wood hearts forever ago.


  1. Adorable! V-day is one of my favorites to decorate for as well!

  2. Dang you're on top of things! I need you to come over and decorate VDay for me, I have no motivation ;) Love it!

    XOXO, Kelli

  3. You always have the cutest decor!! Just love it!

  4. I love valentines day 2:) Your house plant looks so cute with the hearts in it:)

  5. VERY stinkin' CUTE!!! What a great deal for that awesome wreath! I love your shelves too. Good job! :)


  6. I LOVE that you decorate for Valentines early... and to be honest... so do I! There is nothing wrong with having hearts floating around the house to remind us just how much we all really do love each other! I put my Valentine tree up this year for the first time in about 7 years... it helped with having that little bit of "light" for January since it seems so dark and dreary... All of your decoration look great! Huggies!