Friday, November 25, 2011

Subway art and bead board...

I have made some pretty awesome things this week that I can't wait to show you... but until then I pulled this out and realized I never showed it to you guys!!
I created this subway art with a scrap piece of bead board, some plexi glass, scrap book paper and vinyl.
The plexi glass came pre cut - its 8X10. I cut the scrap book paper to the same size and used a drill to make little holes in the corners of both the plexi glass and the bead board. Then I used plexi glass screw to attach the two together. Then cut some vinyl and transferred it on to the plexi glass.
It is one of my favorite christmas crafts.. I am thinking about making a few more for christmas gifts this year!!


  1. This would be an excellent gift to receive, Lyndsey! One of these days I'm gonna make me one...I just need to find my 'round toit'!!

  2. Super cute! When ever I ask about plexi glass screws or nails, the associates never know what I'm talking about. Ideas?

  3. Nik- I have never had a problem with finding them. I always have to ask for help because I get a little overwhelmed in the hardware department. I usually by my plexi glass at home depot - they seem to be more willing to cut it for me there. The plexi glass should be right by the glass section. I am sorry I don't have more information - I hope you can find what your looking for. Let me know if I can help in any other way:)

  4. Thanks! That's where I've bought mine too. So are they actually labeled plexi glass screws? One day I asked probably four people and no one had a clue. Thanks for your response!

  5. Lynds... this is so dang cute! I love it! Merry Christmas friend!