Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday trip to Ikea

This year for my birthday we took a girls trip to Ikea.. here are some of the fun things I scored there :

Ugh.. sorry about how dark these pictures are- my camera is sad and about to give out on me!!
Been dying for this zebra canvas for a long time.. my mom bought it for me!!

Love this cute little bowl.. had to have it!!

Cutest frame ever.. I took it home painted the glass with chalkboard paint and the frame with aqua paint. It's the perfect spot for little notes :)


  1. Cute stuff, Lyndsey! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Lyndsey! The best gifts are the ones you get to pick! Love the Zebra canvas:)

  3. Happy Birthday!! You always have the cutest stuff!!

  4. i adore that frame! what would you say the height is from top to bottom??

  5. I was DROOLING over those frames when I was there a week ago. I need to go back and get some. Super cute stuff!!