Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some master bedroom updates

I struggle with this room... I can't seem to get it right. I think I am finally headed in the right direction though...

I repainted the yellow cedar chest that I posted about here.. do you want to know the sad part... ok I am going to tell you. It started out white - I should have just left it alone. But what fun would that be ? I repainted the headboard also.. it used to be black. I got the sunburst mirror from family dollar for $10.00. It was gold but nothing some silver spray paint wont fix.

I also remade this pillow cover - original here

My husband and I built these cute little night stand.. maybe someday we will get to building the other one. I am also debating painting this white.. is that too much white?

I got this dresser from the D.I for $15.00 - is was such a score. What a surprise I painted it white!! The frames above the dresser hold printables from Sprik Space and eighteen 25


  1. paint is so amazing! i love it. question: can you write down the steps you do to paint your furniture? i have a bedroom set to paint white, just unsure if i should sand it, what's a good paint, etc. thanks!

  2. Lindsay I LOVE your room! I am on this whole white thing too. I am trying to figure out what the heck my style is latly! I keep flipflopping:) I love your DI dresser. I cant believe it was only 15 bucks! SCORE:)

  3. Hey Nik here are some steps I follow when painting:
    -first sand any rough edges and fill with wood filler if needed
    -then clean - this is super important I use a soft cloth and warm water
    -then I use a good primer - like Zinsser I use soft foam brushes to paint on at least 2 coats
    -then I paint on the color - again with a foam roller- lightly sand in between coats to remove any un even spots or fibers that may have settled in the paint
    -I follow up with a clear coat of polyurethane - I like satin finish in everything because it cleans up well especially on white!!
    Hope this helps- let me know if there are more questions!!!