Friday, February 5, 2010

help me....

I am considering moving both my children into one room and turning the other bedroom into a play room. My only major hang up is that I have NO idea how to mesh a room for both a boy and a girl? My little girls room is so pink and frilly and my son's room is blue and black and motorcycle themed- do you see my dilemma?! How do I decorate one space that can serve both a girl and a boy and not have it look like color chaos. If any of you have attempted this and have any good ideas or pictures that I may be able to get some ideas from I would much appreciate it ... I am completely lost here. Thanks for your help:)


  1. I'm not any help, that's a hard one! But I do want to thank you for always stopping by our blog and leaving such nice comments!

    Maybe, go neutral with bedding, paint, furniture, in whites, and creams and then add pops of primary colors? As far as mixing frilly with motorcyles..that's a problem. That was probably not very helpful!:)

  2. I would use cheap MDF to make a divider. There's a great example on this link

    This link has lots of ideas

    book cases are also a good way to divide up a room or a large screen which can be painted with blackboard paint so that it can be used to chalk on.

    See this link too for ideas on dividers.

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  4. My husband asked me that the other day; what would I do if baby #2 (on the radar but not in the oven) is a girl and I needed to change my boy's room into a boy/girl room. I decided I'd stick with the same color for furniture and then just have one main color that could be the same on both sides. Brown sounds like it might work for you. I would probably go with green for my chillins. Then accent colors for each side could be whatever they want - the more pink frills and motorcycles the better. Good luck!