Thursday, July 29, 2010

subway art...

So mine is no where as cute as some of the others I have seen but I have wanted to try one of these out for a while so here is my attempt at subway art...
I got this cute idea off of etsy- the site is called barn owl primitives

This will go in my sons room and I am hoping to finish another one for my daughter with some of the lyrics to Twinkle Twinkle..


  1. are u kidding thats super cute! i actually like it mOrE:)

  2. So cute!! What a nice addition to your son's room. Love it!

  3. I love the color... some of the ones I've seen are tooo busy! I think it's perfect! Vicki

  4. super cute, lyndsey. don't discount yourself! :) love it.

    hey we're having a giveaway. who doesn't love FREE? ;)

  5. gave you an award at my blog