Saturday, February 11, 2012

A family gallery wall ...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE frames... it's really more of an addiction!! I see one and dream of it spray painted and have to have it. I try to fight the urge - but the frame always win! My husband may have noticed the abundance of frames and told me that I need to find away to use some of them before I buy more. I humor him and let him think I listen when he gives me HELPFUL suggestions - but I was totally going to use them DUH!!! :) So thus we created the FAMILY gallery wall... its a great way for our kids to remember some of our family that we don't get to see very much.

Our hallway is super narrow - and that makes it hard to get a shot of the whole wall.

Here are some of my favs... I threw in some older pictures too like this one of me and my brother when we were little. LOVE IT!!

The picture on the top right is of me and my brother and sister with my Grandpa ( my most favorite person on this planet ) he passed away about a month ago and I had these old pictures of us blown up and enhanced as a gift to my brother, sister and dad!!! I smile every time I walk by it - It is good to have such a sweet reminder of how important family is!!!


  1. This looks so fantastic! I love how you used all kinds of different frames, but all in white. The family board is adorable as well :)

  2. This turned out so cute Lynd!, You are inspiring me to do something similar in the hall upstairs. :)

  3. Ha, I am looking for another one of those sconces, lol! What a great hallway, love that reclaimed wood Family sign.
    I am your newest follower! I would love it if you would come by and join my craft & recipe linky party going on now.

  4. CUTE! I made some of the pottery barn knock off shelves in my family room and I'm doing kinda the same thing with all kinds of fun pictures on it. LOVE this :) You little book shelf thingy is SUWEET!!