Thursday, April 14, 2011

Master Bedroom RE-redo

Yep.. I know I just re did my master bedroom in green and orange.. this is a fact not lost on my husband either!! When I paint something and say I love it he says" I am going to grab my timer and see how long this one lasts!!" Thanks for the vote of faith but dangit if he isn't totally right!! Good thing he loves me so much - I remind him all the time how great I am!! :)

Don't be jealous of my high quality picture taking skills- it takes a lot of work to get your camera to take pictures on the setting I use. Here is what you do : Give your camera to your 3 year old let them drop it atleast 100 times then take it to the beach and roll it around in the sand. TA -DA - you will now have the best grainy shadowy looking pictures you could ever dream of. Yep - your welcome:)

It all started with this grey color - I could eat it if it wasn't toxic. My husband says he likes it because it reminds him of his car-reconstructing days when they would prime and paint all there cars. Should it worry me that when he saw it he said .. you did a really good job priming but what color is it going to be?

Here is our new bedding- super plain right now but It wont stay that way!! Wait until you see the funky lunky fabric I have picked out to upholster that headboard. I also have a few throw pillows that I am going to recover in some yummy yellow fabric.

Here are my wall ledge shelves.. I wipped these up all by myself!! But you can totally tell- I am good at the finishing work but not so much the building part. The fun I LOVE US printable was snagged from eighteen 25. I have another cute one ordered for the other frame.. I just have to get off my butt and go pick it up.

Our new black curtains that I got for$ 6.25 from Walmart!! I would tell you to not pay attention to the wrinked throw blanket at the end of my bed.. but I am sure you already noticed it!! My kids are convinced that my bed is a trampoline.. until I can talk them out of that idea wrinkled it will stay!!

IF this armoire could talk it would tell you " Tell this crazy lady to stop painting me!!" No lie .. I have painted it ALOT!!! I think it will stay this way .. for a little while!! The sign up on top is our wedding date!! I took pictures of random numbers and printed them out!! So fun and I am copying this idea for a wedding gift .. so I will post more about it later!!!


  1. Hilarious about the camera! That is so mine! And LOVE the framed numbers! Cute Cute Cute!

  2. LUV IT ALL! I am totally in this gray and yellow phase too!:) My cousin just got married and they got this beautiful yellow gray and white bed spread. I WANT IT!! she also made pillows just like yours:) you can look at it here: its not a craft blog but youve got to see it:) oh and FYI my camera is so the same!! my kids walk around taking pix and now the thing in the front doesnt even come open. I have to flick it open. so the screen is all dirty....someday we will each get awesome cameras haha

  3. Augh! I think I'm in love with your room! I love the gray and yellow!!!