Saturday, March 3, 2012


Our master bedroom is sad.. it has no idea who it is anymore!! All the furniture in this room has been painted atleast 2 times. There is one piece of furniture that has been painted 5 times.. yes you heard that right!! Funny side note - that piece of furniture is on my list to strip as soon as we get warmer weather- I want to restore it to natural wood . My husband thinks this is pretty comical since he told me to leave it that way 5 paint colors ago...
Anyways I digress...
This dresser used to be white as seen here .. but is was always meant to be yellow!!

Can I tell you how much I wish I had a better camera that didn't make my pictures look so shadowy...

After I painted it I glazed it and used Minwax Paster Finishing wax to protect the finish. It was my first time using it .. and I love it. I have used it several times since and am very happy with the shiny finish it gives.

I also changed the gallery wall above the dresser.. I am a frame hoarder!! I just think you should know that before we continue :)
I spray painted some of the frames gold and some white and filled them with fun family photos and a cute card from this shop


  1. You have the cutest decor, girlie! Just love coming by and seeing what you've done lately! Minwax IS a great product!

  2. I think it looks great... I've been out of the loop for a while... hope things are going well for you! Vicki