Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am so blessed...

TO HAVE YOU GUYS!! Seriously!! You guys are all so amazing!! I was in tears reading your comments to my post about my son.. I was moved by your honestly and your ability to step out side your own lives and relate to ME!!
I wish I could honestly tell you how much better it made me feel.. I thought back on it and almost regretted posting something so personal!! I hate admitting that I don't have everything under control.. but all of you have shown me that it is ok to struggle. And seriously.. when I am having a down day I will read these comments OVER AND OVER and know that it is not just me and it is not just him.
I was alarmed to hear how many of you were told the same things about your own children or even about yourselves.. and I am glad to hear that I am not alone in fighting against others opinions and trying my hardest to do whats best for my child. Thank you for helping me beleive in myself to do right thing!!
We have been doing so much better.. I think it helped to clear my head and release some of that stress by writing about it. It gave me a chance to take a step back and decide how we could approach him in a better way!! If I stay calm.. and patient then he deals with things so much better too!!!
My mom knew how much I have been struggling and she saw a segment on Dr. Phil.. I can't ever decide how I feel about that man lol. My mother is my biggest supporter.. she is always telling me that my son is perfect and raving about what a good mother I am to anyone who will listen.. she has listened to me countless times cry in frustration .. I beg her for answers... and I look to her to tell me that I am doing an ok job!! Anyways.. back to Dr. Phil(can you tell how much I love my mom yet:)) - he recently had a segment with a family that reminded my mother a lot of mine and she recommended that we try the book by the counselor who had been on the show. The book is called "Your not the boss of me" by Betsy Brown Braun. I bought it.. I normally would not do this kind of thing... again the struggle to admit I don't have control.. but I thought what can it hurt.. Uh.. it hurt nothing..because IT IS AMAZING!!There are so many great things in this book!! Things I never. ever. EVER thought about trying. I tried today to incorporate some of things I have read and it made a HUGE difference .. and I haven't even finished the first chapter yet!! My husband said he would read the first chapter and see what it was about.. and he loves it too.. he is even farther in the book then I am(but I was busy getting my son to get his homework dons so I deserve some points for that too lol)!!I just wanted to pass that along.. I felt like I needed to offer something after all the amazing advice and input that you guys gave me!!
Thanks again for being so AWESOME!!! I LOVE MY BLOGGY FRIENDS:)

P.S.I couldn't help but show you this cute little guy with his little sister!! He is such a good big brother!!


  1. You know, Lyndsey, I don't think you love your mother enough!! LOL! I'm glad you're one to recognize a mother's wisdom! May great things continue for you and yours. Happy Christmas!

  2. I totally agree with Vicky:) You are so sweet and i love how real you are. Its always so refreshing to know im not the ONLY mom who struggles:) lots of love, Mary

  3. I can relate to you so much! I appreciate your honesty. I have too struggled with being the mom I want to be. I don't even know who that is anymore though, lol. I think I had an idea (when I was a very young mom) of how things would go, how I would be as a mom, and how my kids would act, because of what kind of mom I would be. Anyway all of my ideas and plans have flown out the window, lol! I am a mom of four boys and honestly I am almost always in survival mode. I'm so discouraged with the behavior of my kids sometimes, it stings my soul and keeps me up at night stressing about the next day. But then those moments where they surpass my expectations totally on their own, doing something I never even taught them.. well that is what warms my heart, and give me hope! Keep your chin up! I also have to agree with one of the moms who posted that their son's behavior did start getting better when he got a little older. My oldest is 14 now. He's still got a ton of energy and spunk but he uses it in a more productive and mature way now. When he was 5, he was using that "spunk" to terrorize the playgound kids, destroy my house, and flat out embarrass me whenever he could. I've seen a lot of my kids go through their unique phases and after seeing that pettern repeat itself, I know there's hope! They don't stay difficult forever, they change and evolve and morph into the people they are meant to be. Thanks for opening up about the not so wonderful side of motherhood, I think it's something that we as mothers need to do more often. It's a huge and difficult job, and we all need support!

  4. So glad you're feeling better about the situation. Little boys are such a wonderful blessing, warts and all. Their ability to drive us absolutely bonkers and a split second later melt our hearts is part of what makes them so special.

  5. OOOOO...I always LOVE a good book. I'm totally looking into that. Girlie, I'm SO glad your spirits are up:) You should be proud of yourself. You ARE a great Mom. You want to know how I know? You worry about them. You love them enough to figure out how to make things better. You want the best for them. Always remember that. I WILL TOO! SmoOchEs!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}