Friday, January 28, 2011

Am I lucky or what....

Ok three reasons why I am so stinkin lucky:
!. I got the most amazing stuff from my swap partner.. see pic below :)
2. I won these adorable hair clippies through Sassy Sites- made my My Garden of Eden ( who just announced that she will be selling her unfinished wood kits through Etsy.. go check it our guys- she is AMAZING)

annnnnd 3.Would you believe I won the giveaway over at Lolly Jane.. and guess what I won.. oh just the cutest bracelet made my Cat's Creations. This is the first time I have visited her site.. and I plan to stop by a lot more often- she make the CUUUTEST jewelry..

So .. how stylin am I going to be for Valentines Day!!! I am so excited to spot all my new cute stuff!! Thanks guys!!


  1. WOW!!! Congrats on all the goodies! :)

  2. NICE! I saw that you had won the hair clips on sassy sites i was so excited for u!! I just got my bee in the mail and its so stinken cute! I love winning free stuff:) LUV your valentine loot From your last post too! I looove the plate!

  3. Holy crap girl! You need to come over here and buy me some lottery tickets! ha ha You've got "it" right now! You should go play the lottery! DANG! Are you over in Bear Lake?

    Nice! I hope you're playing the football pools for the Superbowl! Cross your fingers for me! I've won the jackpot twice in 5 years...both times it was over $1,300 and I only played one square at $50. Pray for me! ha ha Maybe if you're thinking about me I'll win :)

    Congrats! Have a great weekend!

  4. LUCKY LYNDSEY!!!! That bracelet is amazingly beautiful!!!

  5. that IS lucky! i'll have you know cat picked her winner, i had no influence on it, hahahah. so excited for you!! (:

  6. ps: i'm hopin my swap stuff will be as DARLING as yours!!!!

  7. Congrats Lyndsey!
    I'm so glad that your so excited! Your new bracelet will be sent to you today...(right after I run to walmart for more packing tape...I'm all out.)