Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feelin' pretty special...

So pardon me while I toot my own horn.. TOOT TOOT!!! :)
I have to tell you how cool I am feeling that I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by 3 AWESOME bloggers:
Stephanie @ Pete ans Stephanie- has a super cute blog and always leaves the sweetest comments!! Thanks girly!!
Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite- I think she is like my long lost best friend lol- she is seriously so funny!!!
Shannon @Swainston Vinyl&Dezign - I admire her strength and am super jealous of her wood cutting skills!!

Ok here are the rules:
1-) Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award...
2-) Share 7 things about yourself...
3-) Award 15 great bloggers... and
4-) Contact the blogger and tell them about the award.

So here we go :

1. I am totally scared of the dark.. I have to leave the closet light on every night- dumb right?

2. I love to throw things away - I am really good at throwing things away that my husband needs lol- I HATE clutter!!

3. I love to have dance parties with my kids.. I turn on the Disney radio channel and we rock out with our sweet dance moves! Hey I have to squeeze in a work out wherever I can get it..

4.So I have to admit that most of the music we listen to during our dance parties is Justin Bieber- we do have some serious BIEBER FEVER in my house!!!

5.I love Diet Coke.. I can't do anything in the morning until I have one in my hand. I used to think my mom was so crazy for drinking them all the time but I have developed her habit!!

6. I am a junk food eater- I LOVE candy, and chips, and cookies and really anything that's not good for me.. I wish I wanted to eat healthier- I have all these really great intentions but I am horrible at following through!!

7. I love crafting.. well duh huh!! I love to look at pictures of some of the things I made when I first started- boy have I come a long way lol!! It has been such a great release for me and I love all the fun friends I have made since I started this blog!!

Here are a few bloggers I would like to recognize :

1. The Painted Home

2.Tattered and Inked

3.Lolly Jane Boutique

4.Simply Crafty

5.Krazy Craft Lady

6.Blue Roof Cabin

7. A diamond in the stuff


  1. You are too sweet!! Thank you so much :) I'm now following you.

  2. You're so sweet! I have to admit that I'm a HUGE thrower away too!!!!! Sad though, I like to throw my kidss stuff away if I keep having to pick it up. I'm hoping that one of these days they'll figure out that they can keep their stuff if they just put it away when they're done. :)

  3. aww you're so sweet for giving us an award, thanks lynds!!
    k no joke we are so similar!! i can totally see myself writing 1, 5 6 & 7. although i'm not a beiber fan, lol!!
    thanks again, cutie pie! (:

  4. HEY...NO FAIR! I REALLY would have peed my little pants if I got THREE of these babies! SEE, you are just all too fancy:) SOOOO, I can never fall asleep at night without my Hubbies cell phone light glowing as it charges:) I LOVE to dance and Mr. Bieber is DA BOMB!! I have been seen trying to throw away MY WHOLE HOUSE before...they don't make those trash truck like they used to! SHOOT, I only drink water! When I try and drink anything bubblie, It feels like acid going down my throat...WHEW! I can't take the heat:) I'm the queen of EATING STUFF THAT IS SOOOO BAD for you. We are totally long lost BFF'S:) Congrats to you girlie! Smooches!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  5. I have no idea why it's taken me so long to realize that you awarded me this :) Thank you so much! I am totally with you on the beiber dance parties. My three year old totally loves to jam out to 'baby baby'. Yup. It's forever stuck in my head :)