Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some more changes to Elley's room...

So I have a magor decision making problem- or maybe I am just a women and that comes with the territory.. but I have already changed things around since my last post...
If you remember my previous post - I had shown you my picture ledge that I made for her room.. well I took it down and did this instead....

I made the banner out of some scrap fabric - I actually go through my kids closet and if they have anything that is to small but still in good shape then i save it to cute up later... most of this fabric was from some little sundresses that my little stinker has grown out of it.. the others I bought really cheap at Walmart.
I love that we were able to find a cheap tv mount at IKEA- it cleared a lot of room to have it hung on the wall. But do you know what I don't like so much - the cords hanging out under the t.v and the huge honkin dvd player just sitting on the shelf- still workin on this !!!
The storage units are AMAZING!! Seriously.. half of those bins are empty I am so excited that we have so much room to hide her stuff :)We got them from IKEA- I was really surprised at how reasonable they were - the storage towers were 64.99- and that includes the bins!!! I can't remember how much the center unit was - we bought that like 2 years ago..

I knew I wanted to hang this old window somewhere in her room.. I kept it empty for a while because I just had no idea what to do with it.. Then I stumbled across this freaking amazing blog that gives you free art that you can download. I just printed them out at Costco.. seriously people go check it out.. you will love all the cute little prints they have!! I freaked out an ordered way to many and now I have no idea what to do with all of them :)

Here is her little bed.. guess where its from ? If you guessed IKEA then you are so smart:) And guess where the bedding, bed canopy,nightstand and flower light came from? Did you guess IKEA again? You are so GOOD!! I can't help it ok - they are so cheap there!! It's such a nasty trick- everything is so cheap there that you convince yourself you need way more then you NEED!!
The bed was only $30.00 and the light was $10.00, the nightstand was $25.00 and the canopy was $20.00!!
Not sure why I am telling you guys the price of everything- maybe I need you guys to help me justify what I spent!! I need you to enable my shopping habit and tell me I got such a good deal!!! :) By the way you guys are the coolest!!!


  1. NOOOOOO, YOU are the coolest! Heeehee! I LOVE IT! I am always eyeing those darn bins for storage. They lookk amazing in the room. I love the colors. Everything is so girlie and just super cute. LOVE IT ALL!


  2. You DID get some great deals!!! I wish I was your little princess! What a fantastic room to be spoiled with! And I LOVE the idea of cutting up old clothes. Can you say RE-PURPOSE?!!!! Great JOB!!!

  3. What a darling room!!! So cute!