Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our first furniture project...Finally Finished

I can't believe its done!! I am so excited about this... I made it for my Aunt and I hope she likes it!! It did not take Chance and I very long to build it - only about 2 hours of work. The plans for this table were so easy to follow and I can't wait to get started on the mile long list I have for other furniture projects!! We found the plans on

Once it was finished I caulked all the edges with smooth paintable caulk and then painted it. I distressed the edges and then rubbed stain over the sanded areas. It still needs a couple of coats of poly so it won't scratch. But I couldn't wait to post the pictures!! What do you think Aunt Julie?


  1. You made that?!? I LOVE it!! It looks amazing and it's perfect for what I was envisioning for my front room. I'm going to have to snag that pattern. Great job!!

  2. I have been really enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing so many fun ideas.

    I have chosen you for a Best Blog Award, stop by my blog for instructions.

  3. This is so gorgeous! And I love that you MADE it. Go you! That's the pro of making things yourself, you can always get exactly what you want.

  4. I think I can help you out with linking to other addresses, when you are writing your post, open a second window with the blog that you want to link to, copy the address out of the address bar, then type in the name of the blog on your blog post (sometimes this is not the same as the name of the blog), click the link button--this is the one that looks like a little chain link--and paste the blog address into the window. When I am doing this, I can't right click to paste, I have to "ctrl v".

    It sounds complicated like this, but I promise, it is actually easy-peasy.

    What I can't figure out is how to put the award in my sidebar...any ideas?

  5. THIS IS AWESOME! I love the distressing, too. I would like to make a full farmhouse table like this. Isn't that site awesome?