Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some more fun v- day stuff!!!!

I decided this year instead of giving candy I would use some of the spare wood we have pilling up in the garage to make some cute crafts instead!! Hopefully they will like them as much as they would candy... they were super easy to make!! I love cheap crafts!!

The Be Mine blocks are made from 2X4's they are about 3.00 a piece and you can make a whole bunch with one piece. They look different when they are set out but I wrapped them before I took the picture !!
The stackable blocks are made from 2X2's and you can buy a board at lowes for about a 1.00 that will make 4 sets of these!! And I have found the cutest ideas with these - they can match any season or holiday!!


  1. Wow! Those "Be Mine" blocks are out of this world cute! Thanks for the tip on that's very fun and I spent more than a few minutes there!


  2. Girl you are super smart and creative, it amazes me! Love you so much:-)