Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re-do and cute mailboxes.....

I had to fix them .. they were bugging and I couldn't give them away like that!! I like them much more now....

Chances are you have already seen these everywhere in blogland... they are from the dollar spot at target. They are very fun to decorate!! I wanted something fun to give a few of our friends .. we made a ton of them and they worked out great!! I just filled them with some of there favorite candy- so easy:)


  1. These are cute, Which ones did you make over? I really have liked them all.

    But I completely understand. I have a little vinyl sign that I have now re-done 4 times, it is hanging on my wall; but I am still not happy with it.

  2. I redid the top picture on the post below- I had originally used a wood heart that I had cut out for the "o" but it just wasn't right so I switched the paper and used a vinyl "o" instead.
    I am glad to hear I am not the only person that has to re tweek everything I make. I have done this on so many of my projects in our home too, I usually just end up giving it away because I can't get it right lol!!!

  3. Love the colors of your Love blocks. Very pretty!

  4. super cute!! i bought some of those mailboxes to decorate for my boys for valentines day!!